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Our Digital Payment Solutions

Keshi’s Integrated Digital Financial Services Solution System unified platform is an enterprise grade versatile fintech platform that is augmented for digital financial transactions. Keshi’s extremely efficient architecture enables rapid integration and set up of digital financial services for a true services-led dimension with limitless value.  Keshi DFSS capabilities streamline and automate business processes.

Mobile Money Payments

Keshi’s Mobile Money Payment Platform offers a ready and proven one-stop-shop for flexible digital wallet platform solutions that are completely customizable to your business case.

Pronounced Commercial Benefits:

Exceptional omni-channel experiences and readiness.

Fast time to market and High ROI from flexible business models.

Enterprise solution supporting large-scale deployments and white-label options.

Keshi’s Mobile Lending Solution provides a full spectrum of Mobile lending capabilities from loan application to disbursement and recovery.

Mobile Lending Services

The solution is well equipped with integrated decisioning and machine learning algorithms that dynamically analyze data based on usage trends to predetermine a risk analysis score where Individuals and Business Organizations are prequalified for credit. The decisioning algorithms analyze data in real-time or as per set schedules in order to output risk score, making it possible for Keshi or Third-party service providers to avail a wide array of credit products to Customers and Business enterprises.

System Features Include:

Customer Registration and Management

The system has a proficient customer management tool that allows on boarding of customers from various KYC data points such as: –

  • Credit Rating
  • Core banking data
  • Mobile banking data
  • Mobile Money data
  • Organizations that have Verified KYC data


Loan Processing

The Micro Lending Solution caters for diverse loan management processes namely:

  • Loan Requests
  • Loan Consents/Disapprovals
  • Loan Distribution
  • Loan Settlements
  • Charging of Penalties
  • Loan Reporting
  • CRB referencing.
  • Messaging
  • API integrations
UI & Reporting

Keshi’s Micro Lending Solution intuitive interface seamlessly provides business intelligence and management reports such as:

  • Customer Care Management interface
  • Credit Scoring dashboard
  • Loan Management reports
  • Financial settlements and reports

Mobile Money Agents play an important role in enabling Mobile Money.

Mobile Float Loans

Mobile Money Agents need to process more daily transactions than their breakeven point in order to make profit and benefit from the Mobile Money Business. Nevertheless, the Mobile Money Agents are unable to do this due to liquidity challenges that prevent them from offering the service to Mobile Money Customers.

Keshi’s Agent Float Loan solution incorporates digital credit scoring and e-float loans for Mobile Money Agents to assist decrease their daily break-even amount, reduce denial of transactions for Mobile Money Customers as a result of lack of float balance, save time on rebalancing activities, and reduce the burden of ongoing liquidity management. This will provide a wider reach of Mobile Money services to Customers as a result of Mobile Money Agents being able to provide their services efficiently to Customers

Electricity Credit Services (Prepaid)

Keshi’s electricity credit service allow customers to get electricity and pay later depending on the Customer’s Mobile credit history. The Customer is required to register for the service then specify the meter account against which they wish to borrow electricity. Customers can borrow prepaid electricity tokens at a predetermined interest charge and for a specified period.